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my sync freezes and I have to close the browser, and I am paying for this?

Marcus Trajanus 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 24

sync freezes, across the top of the pop up it says 'not responding' even if the green advance bar is full...the browser has to be closed and my BM's have not synced.

help please

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How many bookmarks do you have? Did you download or upload bookmarks?


over 21K.

I was merging.

Maybe you need to wait some time? Most likely your CPU is overloaded.

1.8 4 gbs ram, I waited 20 minutes.......

I double checked with dev. team. You need to wait longer, it Firefox bookmarking system that doesn't work fast.

ok, so whats the over and under? 30 minutes? 45?

Yes, please try to wait 40-50 minutes.

I waited over an hour and a half....I have screen shots to boot and, use a cpu and ram monitoring gadget. Its just hung there, I could ont tell how close it was to finishing etc...I cant sit here for 2 hours, I have work I need ot do.

So, how about this., how do I 'archive' my large folders at the site? it won't let me move them as it doesn't offer 'archive' as a chocie to mopve it too...

It is very strange. Do you need upload your bookmarks to the site or only Merge?

Open http://everhelper.me/client/ and right click on needed folder - Archive - http://nimb.ws/ohtTxF

I thought I had been sending them to the site, isn't that the whole point? I just tried to 'find duplicate bookmarks at the site and my browser froze which means they are NOT at YOUR site, but on MY comp. so whats the point in all this? I feel like I am getting ripped off.

I don't understand your instructions- I want to archive a folder with over 9K BM.s so, I dont have to download or 'merge them' everytime I sync, so, how do I tell it to do that?

Sorry for the misunderstanding. ?

How did you do Duplicate Bookmarks search? On our website?

EverSync service is dedicated to sync your bookmarks and backup them.

First you need to decide where is actual copy (all) of your Bookmarks I assume they are in your browser. If yes, you need to use UPLOAD initial action in your browser. All bookmarks will be sent on our server and stored there. After you did so, you will be able just to sync new bookmarks and folders. But first you need to do initial action.

Duplicate removal is different action, so do Sync first, than we do duplicates.

oh for god sakes. So I have been paying to store Nothing, on your sever. great. So what is 'auto back up history'?

OK, so don't see a choice for 'initial' action....

OK, I uploaded....according to the account page; I have; items online '15,991' and 'in your browser' 23469'....

now what?

When you upload, did you see notice that it was "successfully uploaded"?

U know man, this is getting pretty ridiculous, I am trying to work too.

R U saying it wasn't successful?

Yes, because numbers are different. Do you have bookmarks backup in the file? we can try it on our test machines. I can give you our email address where you can send it.

I just tried it again, 'upload' , it ran then the progress box disappears, and no other message etc. numbers same I sent you last time...

under auto backup history it says so.....how do I send it to you? ids that what you want?

In Firefox you can export your bookmarks in file. We need this file. Do you know how to do that?

yes, send me the email...

hello? yes I have the file to send, where do I send it?

please send to fvdmedia@gmail.com

mention this topic URL in email


sending in a minute thx.