Sequence of bookmarks is missing.

Karapet Epremyan 11 років тому оновлено Александр К 10 років тому 2

When sync the bookmarks I can see that the are appearing in different sequence on online server, on my home PC and work PC. Very very inconvenience situation.

Not even the sequence within the folder, but even folders on the toolbar are mixing.

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

I agree with you on this Karapet ...

I've been experiencing the same issue myself and have found it to be rather frustrating.

Appears to be an issue with regard to Eversync's servers.  Hopefully, they'll be able to address / remedy this issue soon.

It is my one (and only) sticking point with Eversync at the moment (well ... that and the lack of better "How To" videos that explain each option within the Eversync software ... we need to know what will occur with the "Manual Sync" option, etc.).

Still, the program (and support) appears to be more reliable than that of my previous Firefox bookmarks sync program that I was using (Xmarks).

If Eversync were to alleviate the syncing issue (i.e. jumbling of the sequence of Firefox bookmarks and their respective folders and subfolders), I *might* recommend their Add-On to more individuals.

I've already mentioned to other users over on the Xmarks Forum that they should begin to investigate Eversync's Firefox Add-On.

Hopefully Eversync will take notice and fix this issue accordingly.

Take care,

Try to use simple  bat file to vacuum firefox bookmarks.
Place bat file to Firefox profile directory
I set to launch on computer start.
sqlite3.exe taken from web

@echo on
title=Sqlite vacuum
SetLocal EnableExtensions EnableDelayedExpansion
sqlite3.exe places.sqlite vacuum