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Show a list of tabs that had been open when closing the last session

Nayaro 10 лет назад обновлен 10 лет назад 2
It would be cool if the "Restore Session" button would open a list with tabs that had been open in the last session, just before the browser window closed. Maybe it just could be handled as a special group.
Tabs keep in this list until they are removed or re-opened.
To get an idea of it you could take a look at the standard restore-session-behaviour of Maxthon Browser.

Why (Pros):
- Browser is not slowed down when restoring the last 10+ tabs at once
- Manually choose which of the tabs in the last session are still important and which ones are not nessecary anymore.

- Two clicks instead of one if you want to restore the whole old session.
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We have option for Recently closed tabs and List view.
that's true, but when I close firefox and reopen it e.g. when restarting the computer, this list is empty. What I mean is a list like that but for tabs that were open when I closed firefox last time.
In other words: A list of tabs that will be opened when I press "Restore last session" with the possibility to open the tabs I need and ignore the ones that I do not need anymore.

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