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Cant´t get it work as my default dail app, when opening a new tap under opera

Joachim Stieglitz il y a 9 ans mis à jour il y a 9 ans 3
Can tell my anybody how i get fvd as my default dial app under opera? Or can anybody tell my the url of the fvd dial landing page?
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To replace default speed dial instead of Custom New Tab Page mentioned below one could use Custom Home Page - https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/custom-home-page
In its options place the following into the address field - extension://pncpfofkienlinhfknpmgjnjhdoclfhh/newtab.html
Now when you open a new page the cursor will automatically move to the address bar.

Thank you for answering so quickly. But it doesn´t work. If I go on the custom page and want to insert the link you gave me above, there comes only the origin opera speed dial page. But I want to use fvd speed dial if i open a new tab, because i want to sync my dials from my former browser where i used fvd dial. To manage that, i only need the correct url to load fvd dial.
Curiously it works with an other addon named Custom New Tab Page. Now everything is wonderful !!!