Bookmarks name and order

Guillaume Brochard 9 years ago updated by trollcrusher242 9 years ago 1

When I copy my bookmarks from chrome to firefox, the links without name are restored with full name and not in the same order.

Thanks !

I am experiencing this issue myself.

All of my bookmarks are thrown out of order whenever I complete a Bookmarks Manual Sync / Manual Sync option (as seen below):

01.  Merge Local and Server Data
02.  Overwrite Server Data
03.  Overwrite Local Data

Hopefully someone at Eversync will take notice of this issue and fix it accordingly.

It is one of the few issues that I have with Eversync.  Otherwise, I shall begin to recommend the program to more individuals in due time.

Again, I hope that someone here chooses to fix this issue and provide feedback on what is being done.

Let's hope that the site support here is better than the woefully poor site support at the other FF Bookmark's sync site by the name of Xmarks.