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Manual Preview Broken in Chrome?

JeeperDon 9 years ago updated by Tamás 5 years ago 15
I'm on Chrome ver 42.0.2311.90. Ive lost the ability to do a Manual Preview. When I set it, then 'Click Here to create Preview', I get the page displayed, but no camera icon or ability to select the Preview. After a couple seconds it just goes back to the dial view with the full page picked for the preview.

Any Ideas??
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please post URLs that doesn't work.

It's any speed dial, any URL. I suspect it's something do do with javascript not running or something. It broke suddenly after doing install work on the OS. Right now it's failing with a fresh Windows install, new Chrome, and FVD Eversync restored dials.

What does function/capability the Manual Preview depend upon to be available to operate? I've disabled all other extensions except FVD speed dial, thinking it may be an interaction, no help.
What's your OS?
I've been on Windows 10 since it came out for testing last October. It's worked fine until now. I'd be happy to help find the problem if you have suggestions to try or something for me to look into.
it's hard to say, on stable Windows versions it works fine. It maybe problem with OS. Can you try using your account on different computer, OS?
I just tried it on a laptop running Win 8.1. I uninstalled Chrome, deleting browsing data when asked. I then re-installed Chrome from a fresh download from their site. I started Chrome and logged into my google account to let it restore my extensions. Rather than restoring via Eversync, I made a brand new dial. I set that dial to Manual Preview, 'clicked to make preview' and it did the same thing, went to the site for a couple seconds, no camera icon or selection box, then went back to the dial with a full snapshot of the page as the preview.
I do see that it make auo screenshot there. I will forward it to dev team. Thanks
Thank you for Ver 7.3.2. The Manual Preview works as it should on all my dials, except... it doesn't work for the YouTube main URL.
[EDIT: I played more. The camera icon does show up if you resize the browser window to very narrow, makes it workable.]
we fixed it. on some websites it won't work, we nothing can to there.. but in most cases it will.
Thank you for the quick work fixing it.
you are welcome

same problem in chrome. Cannot custom preview dials. Choose the icon, press refresh preview and modify but nothing happens. Moreover other dials keep on syncing (in Auto preview mode).

Any ideas?

Preview does not work since a month.
Working.... but finally sad smiley.
It has worked a one month before.


Can you send version of browser?

Microsoft Edge is up to date.
Version 80.0.320.5 (Official build) dev (64-bit)