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Lost dials in Firefox reset

Blaise 7 years ago updated by Otaku Faisal 7 years ago 2

I had a problem with Firefox. The Firefox error message required resetting Firefox. This resulted in losing all of my add-ons. <sigh> So I reinstalled FVD Speed Dial but have now lost all of the hundreds of dials I created. I didn't realize that I could save the dials to a file (I found this out while researching a solution to my current situation), so I had never created a backup.

Is there a directory where FVD saves the dial links? Is there any way to recover the lost dials? I'm afraid to add new dials in case they would overwrite the old ones.

Any help, even if it's simply, "You're out of luck" would be appreciated. If I know I have no options, I'll go ahead and start all over. <weeping and rending of garments>



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You need to use Eversycn to backup your dials and bookmarks https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fvd-synchronizer/?src=dp-dl-othersby

check your dekstop for folder old.firefox

there is a all setting for your add-on included your fvd speed dial saved there bfore your FF got refreshsed/ reseted