502 Bad Gateway . May of 2024

bigfishsalesonline 4 weeks ago updated 4 weeks ago 2

Why am i seeing this Error when go to log in to my Account? I need my FVD speed dials in chrome moved to the Brave browser. Tell me i'm not going to have to manually add them one by one to brave! The option to use Eversync(everhelper) still resides in FVD Speed dial new tab page tool options. When I click on eversync i get the error...can't use your extension any longer? What happened? I haven't merged my current dials to the server in a while and now it seems you won't allow me to?
Should I be directing this nightmare to the FVD devs? Please fix.

Note: IN order to add your extension into Brave - in the chrome web store, your extension had be "disabled" by chrome and I was given the option to "enable" and then the extension installed to Brave.

I do not know why the web store had you extension disabled. Usually they may do that if chrome decides that an extension is now UnSafe. I hope that is not the case.
FVD and Eversync have been an invaluable tool for at least the past 7 years and i'd really really hate to lose it.  

Today i was able to log in but was UnAble to merge my data to the server. Chrome is the only device i have running. When i click merge it says SYNC FAILED.

Now what???