synchronization with the server does not work

andrewpronin 3 months ago updated 3 months ago 5


I bought a premium lifetime subscription my  gmail 

, synchronization with the server does not work. I have a lot of bookmarks and dials - nothing syncs
The account is logged into the site and Firefox application

Same issue, no matter which browser: Chrome, Vivalsi, Kiwi. Only Folders are uploaded/synced, no dials, AND HELPDESK DOES NOT RESPOND in spite of lifetime subscription :-(

If you look at the activity of a company’s profile, they were last on this site 5 months ago.
Am I saying that it turns out that people use the chrome extension, buy a subscription and cannot synchronize? It seems to me or the company invented the microcircuit as scammers - and no one can remove the extension from the Google website?
3 years ago I wrote to team@nimbusweb.co> and they answered me and sorted out the problem. I have already written to them at this address, but so far there is no response
You know. even if the company comes and responds (and does) synchronization, I will only have negative impressions of the company.
Excuse me - I bought premium for 120 bucks and for what? I'm disappointed and can't wait to see how things develop

I shall respond should the helpdesk give a sign of life. It's annoying.