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Everhelper stop working (Chrome)

Giorgos 12 months ago updated 12 months ago 2


Everhelper that I use for bookmark sync, has stopped working for about one month or smth.
I tried a lot of things but nothing worked. 
The sync button when you go to "my account" is greyed out and if I am not wrong previously was blue or green.

I tried deleting my account and registering again, but the remove account button down right doesn't work.
Thus I tried creating an account with different mail but the outcome was the same. 
After the initial sync the later tries manually or automatically do not work.

Any ideas?

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Could you send screenshot with gray sync button?

Thank you for the reply. It is on the screenshot above. The button is named "Bookmarks". If I am not mistaken when the extension was working normally this was green. 
Nevertheless, the problem I saw in the Chrome extension store comments is not only mine. There are a lot of users experiencing the same. After the initial sync, no other works manual or auto independent of if you add or delete a bookmark...