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Save all my backups to my computer, not to my Browser. (EverHelper)

amerifax 2 years ago updated by nimbusweb 2 years ago 3

>>Save all my backups to my computer, not to my Browser.<<


I have not used it for a couple of years. I now will be using it. But first I want to save all my previous backups to my computer in case I want to include SOME BOOKMARKS in the future. Also, where can I find the backups that are probably listed by dates. Error Message - I do have a message that I have excided my storage amount allowed. Bob

Under review


The data is stored in a special database and it is not publicly available. But you can export bookmarks to a separate file.

While in EverHelper I can't find a way to export the bookmarks that are being displayed while in Everrhelper.



Do you mean Everhelper web-client?