I can’t start an account in the extension to start synchronization

Javi Felices 2 года назад 0
Thank you for your attention.

I have W10 x64 with Firefox 96.0.2, since recently when I log into the account to synchronize the bookmarks, although I log in, I still log out the typical login, and does not allow to start synchronization, I leave capture so they know what I mean.

Image 2563

Then I can get into the options and I’m logged in, and all right, but in the extension as such, there’s no way.

I guess it must be something specific to my firefox, because in the Developer version, or in Chrome, everything seems functional, I’ve tried to uninstall it and put it back and still, I guess we’ll have to erase some more traces, my intention was to merge what I have locally with the server, so as not to lose any of the new non-synchronized bookmarks.

Any help is more than welcome.

Thank you.

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