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FVD Speed Dial not working in Firefox

CTS klimaskabe 1 year ago updated by Indi 1 year ago 5

FVD Speed Dial add-on disabled/removed by Mozilla do to safety reasons. Are you gonna update FVD Speed Dial so it will work in Firefox?

Thats not a tip thats a hack around and yes browser is at risk

Thank you, that enabled the FVD Speed Dial add-on again. New question: how will this change in the setting of Firefox place my browser or even whole PC at increased risk for malicious attacks?


It won't be a threat if you don't install questionable addons.


Why was it blocked?

This add-on violates Mozilla's Add-on Policies.

This add-on violates Mozilla's policies as search functionality provided or loaded by the add-on must not collect search terms or intercept searches that are going to a third-party search provider. The add-on has repeatedly violated these terms despite Mozilla explicitly pointing them out.

Have you sorted out the problem with mozilla?