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Blue sadface on all newly Automatically created dials - Manual still working

Eagleizer 4 ár síðan updated by Rogério Maciel 10 mánuður síðan 17

Auto cannot create dials. I have probably 100 categories. 

I also have many hundred open tabs. This is normal in my case and have not lead to any problem like this before. 

I can make dials manually without problems. 

When AUTO creates the blue sadface, which takes very long time, a white window flickers quickly over my 2 left screens. 

This used to be more discrete.

Cheers :)

Under review


Do you mean this windows - https://nimbusweb.me/s/share/3644746/bzyrtlfipz82io55306n ?

How did you create your dials?

Sorry for late reply... I gave up using SpeedDial after having to merge it from different 

computers and OS installations which created an incredible mess because there is no 

"Sort by alphabet", and dragging categories through hundreds of categories up to 

where it would fit alphabetically is a nightmare. The size of the Manage window is 

also way to small to do manual sorting, unless you only have less than 20 -30 categories. 

As for the blue sad faces

This is just when doing normal create by right-clicking on the page I want to add to SpeedDial. 

The thumbnail is never created, only a blue face. As I explained earlier, I can create thumbnail 


The subject on the page you linked to is not the problem. 

Here is a video. Note how long time it takes, and the almost full screen flicker when it gives 

up to create the Thumbnail: 

Cheers :)


Could you re-upload your video?

Ahh. I did not allow embedding.. Should work now. 

If it still not working, here is the link "https//" + "youtu.be/6Vg0KxbCidc" 

Cheers :)

Hmm. Something must have happened to it. It worked before, now it's just buffering. 

New upload in different format did not work either. Making a new video. 

Uploading soon..

This is strange. Video plays fine in Opera browser, but not Chrome. 

the Blue Face problem is in Opera. In Chrome it seems to work fine. 

I have 10500+ Dials in Opera as you can see in the video. Probably 

half of these are duplicates. I have lots of categories as you can see too, 

and if I could sort them, I could start merging folders and get rid of the 

duplicate categories and Dials. The way it is now, it is almost useless. 

With the Blue Face problem, it IS useless ;) 

If the video is not working, try in Opera browser. 

I created a Test category, but there it will not even make a Blue Face. 

Manual Dial still works. 

If it still does not work, maybe I can upload the file somewhere. I have reduced it 

to 12,5 MB, so if you have an email that can receive that file size, I could send it to you.

Cheers :)


Did you try to download version from Google Chrome WebStore in Opera?

No. (Source: Opera addons) 

Should I do that? Didn't even know that was possible..

I have many Dials that was created before, it just stopped working one day.


ok, did you use our sync feature?

Eh.. Not sure what you mean. As I said, I have merged Dials from several computers and OS's. 

(I have had several instances of Windows on my computer). As I also mentioned, I have tried 

to sort the different categories, but gave up. I have done nothing besides that. 


Ok, try downloading the version from Google Chrome WebStore - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/speed-dial-fvd-new-tab-pa/llaficoajjainaijghjlofdfmbjpebpa/support?hl=en Next, download the dials via EverSync.


Did as instructed, and it seems to work, but have only created new pictures 

for the dials in 4-5 categories. Any way to create for all without opening 

categories one by one? I have about 10.500 dials. It only stores the addresses 

on your server, so all the pictures has to be recreated, correct? 

I also wonder if you just intended for me to run the Chrome version, or 

was that just to test? I can run it, if it manage to run without bugs after 

all the Dials have been recreated, but I need to set it up as the Opera 

version, where I have a separate button to open it, or preferably to open 

in "New Tab", if that is possible with Chrome version in Opera browser. 

I can't remember how I got that button there for FVDSD Opera version. 

If your plan was that I should just keep and use the Chrome version 

(if it can handle all the dials), I would appreciate a tip on how to get a 

convenient way to open it. Now I have to open it from Extensions page 

via the settings for FVDSD, which is very cumbersome. 

Cheers :)


1) Preview images will be created gradually for each dial (if you have not installed manual previews).

2) Yes, you can use the Google Chrome version. This is a newer version.

Hi and thanks! 

1) No dials are created unless I open the category they are in. Are there any trick to trigger creation of all 10000 dials? 

The way it is now I have to babysit the creation in one category until it's finished, and then choose next category aso.

(I'm sure that before, several years ago, it was possible to open all categories quickly one by one, and the app would create dials for all the categories that had been opened. Now it will only continue in the open category, and forget the previous one, even if it was not finished with that).

2), So how can I access SpeedDial without this cumbersome procedure:

- Opera Extensions page -> Locate SpeedDial -> Details -> Extension Options -> Click on the SpeedDial emblem in the top left corner? 

3) Are there any tricks/workarounds for sorting categories alphabetically other than the dragging? Dragging in the tiny window is hopeless with the amount of categories I have. It also gets messed up when merging, so it's not like a one time process. I tried once before, but gave up after several hours... 

Cheers :)


Could you check this extension - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/new-tab-start-page/mjfahldkpjhcnfbbmdhpjolcjpcfhcpj?hl=en

You need to set this page as new one -


FVD isn't working anymore.PERIOD!!!!