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how Eversync Android populate Firefox?

coyote 2 years ago updated by nimbusweb 2 years ago 5

I've installed the Eversync Android app, and I see my bookmarks inside of it, and I've chosen "Sync" from it's menu, but Android Firefox remains empty of Bookmarks (I turned off Firefox's own Bookmark Sync).

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Do you see bookmarks in desktop version?

HI Nimbusweb, thank you very much for your reply!

Yes I absolutely do see the bookmarks in Firefox on my desktop PC (Linux Mint 32bit 19.2 Xfce OS).  I don't think I'd ever opened Android Firefox before; I figure I could get bookmarks onto it by enabling Firefox Sync, but I have not enabled Firefox Bookmark Sync.

We will check, but most likely these are limitations of the mobile version.

Please do let me know what I should do.  Should I:

1.  Turn on Firefox Sync on Android to populate it's Bookmarks initially, than turn off Firefox Sync, or should I,

2.  Use Import to get Bookmarks to populate Firefox on Android, or

3.  Something else?

I'm surprised that this situation isn't in the FAQ or user guide.


Yes, try turning on Firefox bookmark sync on mobile.