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Do you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? Do you have problem with any site?


I use Chrome 86.0.4240.198.

Yes, this bug may occur with virtualy any site, and it began to occur some couple of months ago.

Many of my dials are links to newspapers webs, but also YouTube, weather webs, etc. They are set to update automatically every 3 hours. But sometimes, some of them (but not always the same) report an "Ops, error getting title" error message. Or even more intriguing, the update seems to work only partially, so that the website content's thumbnail is incomplete.

File 1: right after launching Chrome. Some dials report "Ops, error getting title".

File 2: after a right click Update All command, other dials present randomly the same error, while others seem to not charge the whole web's content image (thumbnail is incomplete).


Could you check problem on new browser profile? Maybe some problem wit database.

Hi there.

Just created a new account (new email). It looks pretty the same: You Tube with an "Ops" error, Facebook with an incomplete thumbnail, etc. But I insist, this is completely random, after a second try (Update All), other dials may fail, or even none, sometimes.

No, i mean new profile.

Close Google Chrome

Open folder C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data and rename Default to Default1. Then Open Google Chrome and install our app again. Then you can return to your old profile if you need.

OK, got it.

Definitely yes, the bug occurs again, randomly as usual, that is, different thumbnails are affected. This occurs most of all after an Update All command, followed by that tab loosing focus. I mean, right after the Update All, I continue browsing on a previous Chrome tab for several minutes, which works OK, but when I get back to the Updated tab after a few minutes, I get this:


Could we try Anydesk.com for check problem?

No, thank you, that won't be necessary anymore. I fixed it.

Two updates since yesterday:

1) If these last couple of days, between 2 to 4 random dials did not update correctly their thumbnails, this morning NONE of the dials worked anymore, ALL of them reported an "Ops" error message. Very weird, it looked like a certain failure went bigger and bigger, until all dials were blocked.

2) So I uninstalled Chrome completely, I deleted all the AppData Chrome's folders, and now, after re-installing Chrome, Speed Dial and EverHelper, everything worked just fine, as always. However, for the people who do not fully synchronize their Chrome config with their Google account, this is not a reasonable solution.

Probably a corrupt database. A future solution should be considered, like repare or re-construct the database, manually when needed.

Thank you.

Hi there.

Sorry, I don't want to be a pain in the ass, but after my last post from yesterday, I do have to inform you, just for your knowledge: NO, THIS DOES NOT WORK. Deleting and re-installing Chrome and profiles only worked for a few hours. Only 24 hours later, the error messages are exactly the same, more and more thumbnails report the same error. After having located your extension's database (c:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\databases\chrome-extension_...), I deleted it. Your extension re-creates it with the first Chrome launch, but the error persists.

I shall not take any further steps, you have all the information for your analysis.

Thank you.


Could we try Anydesk.com for check problem? We can't repeat problem (

Windows 10 21H1, 19043.1165

Chrome 93.0.4577.63 (Build oficial) (64 bits)

EverSync 19.1.5

Hi there.

I have reported a very similar problem almost a year ago.

Today however, after Chrome being updated to 93.0.4557.63, this is how my front page looks like, after an Update All command and 20 minutes of running in vain (actually after a couple of dozens of tries).

Also note that I even re-created the Chrome Default folder from scratch, and the result does not change at all.

There is no problem whatsoever with the Internet connection, it works just great as always, actually some 7 dials out of 30 get correctly but randomly updated. Any other link or download works perfectly.




Could we try anydesk.com for check problem?


I have same exact problem as mcnro above me does. I can click on the :(  tab and go to the site. it just will not display a proper thumbnail of the site. 

"Could we try anydesk.com for check problem?"

Are you asking to port into the computer to check for problems? 

To the admin.

I'm sorry, I cannot use anydesk.

I'll give you however a couple of more details.

When Chrome is launched, sometimes, some random thumbnails are updated and displayed correctly for just about 30 seconds or so, then they turn blue instantly once again. Moreover, update a thumbnail individually by right click, or Update All  thumbnails command, lead directly to the same result, that is, the blue face.

I deleted the extension and re-installed it, I deleted Chrome's Default folder and re-created it from scratch, I logged out and in. No difference. But thumbnails' links work just fine.

As I reported one year ago, this bug used to keep going on and on, but on a much lower scale. However, since yesterday's Chrome 93.0.4577.63, the blue faces, up to 100% of them, make Speed Dial 77.4.9 inoperable.


Yes, we are checking problem.

yeah i have also been having this problem, but i have found a work around. It is annoying but if you mouse over the loading pages that the dials use it will load the dials properly, ie have it so the preview of the loading page pops up. theory i have is that the pages aren't being prioritized and thusly do not load properly

Hi, Devi.

I'm not sure I got you right. Anyway, in my case nothing works. I am looking for a substitute of Speed Dial, because I'm geting bored of these errors.

Check in Chrome, three dot menu, than More tools / Extensions. You'll find tens and tens of errors listed there. I cannot understand how the developers are not able to detect the error source.

I'll try to post a pdf list of such errors.