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having an issue with random dials from my groups opening & closing?

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It always only happens when I start up my computer (after it's been shutdown the night before) in the morning. It doesn't happen when I reopen my laptop from sleep mode. Only after a shutdown-turn on, or restart.
A bunch of random dials (dials that I've added to FVD, definitely, not anything random like a pop up) open and close in separate new windows when I haven't clicked on them at all.

and for a while after, I close them and new ones open. It's stopped now but I'd say it might take a good 10 minutes until random windows stop opening. and they don't play sound, but just the windows pop up? Not a big deal to me really, but maybe it could be fixed?

I'm not sure if it's the same problem, as I'm using Firefox. 

Not enough visuals for me to to tell. 

anywhere from 5 to 10 of these (the second window that says Kiki - it's an ambience video) all come up at once each time I startup, when I haven't even clicked on any of them, in separate windows from my main and they're all different "dials" from my groups, I know for sure, and it only happens on startup after I've shutdown for the night or on a restart. I'm using Firefox on Windows 10, if that helps at all. I close them all and some new ones reappear for a good 5-10 minutes before they stop.

PS-oh, and each window is a different "dial", it's not 5-10 of the same dial. each one is different.

Did you try to disable preview autoupdating?

that seemed to help this morning - I only turned on auto update to see when/if any youtube links were taken down

It is for Firefox too.