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fix very slow dials page startup on Win7 Firefox, evn in List View

Rob Henerey 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 10

I have my FVD dials in List View. When I start Firefox I have to wait maybe 40 seconds for the Default list to come up. I think it's something in my other Firefox extensions causing this, because FVD takes maybe 2 seconds to come up in Chrome. So it isn't my Win7 or hardware. Have you had any similar reports? Has anyone tracked down an extension conflict, or some other Firefox setting?

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Could you check the loading speed on the new browser profile? Perhaps there is a problem in it. You can read more about creating a profile here - https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox/Multiple_profiles

OK I made a new profile, installed FVD into it, imported my dials, and of course it loads the dials page much faster. PREDICTABLE. That's why I asked "Has anyone tracked down an extension conflict, or some other Firefox setting?" Going through the long tedious process of elimination is what I'd hoped to avoid.

I've noticed the slow load in Firefox seems to be only when starting up the browser, not later. Could it be this setting for the home page? Maybe the newtab part?



This is strange. Do you have many dials? Have you tried using a regular theme instead of 3D?

Dials: 27 in Default, 28 in News, 14 in Software, 8 in Cards, all in List form. So a lot I guess. Default is what I use for the FF homepage. I don't use the 3D. But, does this have to do with the about:config browser.startup.homepage data? Should I edit that stuff?

Do you want to use blank page on Home page?

Not really wanting blank. i know that's an option in Fox, then [maybe] a new tab would open into my FVD default, but why would it speed up?

  • i assume you haven't seen this with others, else why no answer that question?
  • you think my about:config is 'strange' but you haven't suggested anything to fix?

I just DISabled all my extensions except for FVD, plus I cleared my large History. No difference, still very slow to load my FVD Default startup.


I forwarded your request to dev.team.

CLUE? With FFox not running, I clicked a link in a Thunderbird email and a blank page came up in FFox, then after a few seconds it populated with the expected content. This resembles the delay showing FVD default. Then in FFox I clicked the + sign for a new tab, and the FVD default came right up, as fast as desired.