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FVD Speed Dial sync totally screwed up with Groups

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what good is the SYNC when all groups are totally random ordered after syncing. I have 2 installs on one computer: one is for a user and the other installation with the master administrator account.  The user account has enough privileged permissions etc.

I had established a long time ago the firefox for the User. But today, I needed my setup [Dials] also in the Administrator Firefox. I synced.

But - everything is such a mess with the Groups as in total randomness of arrangments of how the groups are organized. I now have to chuck this sync completely [wasted time] and have to do a manual export from the user and then an import of the flat text file to the administrator. Experience showed that this is the ONLY way that FVD loads the groups exactly the way they are in another installation.

This is precisely the reason why I CANCELLED my PRO- subscription. I kept paying for something that never worked properly. And the last month [July] your company charged my account many hours earlier than the payment date. Despite that I had written to you 8 days BEFORE to please cancel my pro account, since in the eversync [everhelper] your subscription cancel button did NOT SHOW UP at all. I send 2 emails from your app direct.

Never mind, I wasted another month of payment for nothing.

This should be a warning for everyone that has had difficulties maintaining a proper sync. Do it MANUALLY because nothing else works properly.

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There is no way we can repeat the problem. What type of sync are you using: Merge or Download? I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

tried both. The ONLY thing that ever works properly is going to the FVD dropdown, open it up and click the cogwheel, then select the left firt entry: Export. Copy to Clipboard. Close the app.

Then use Notepad on your computer, click "paste", wait for a little, once you see pasting is complete, save the file as text (UTF-8 encoding) whatever name. Remember where you save it to [desktop is good].

Then go to your other device and open firefox, open the FVD, and click "Import". That is it.

The only thing you do not get is the custom Icon saved, in the case have some of those. But this method will save the perfect arrangement of your groups!

This also works for Chrome as well as Opera.


Forget the Eversync/Everhelper saving or restoring functionality, because neither leaves your Groups in the arrangment you have on your firefox installation.

The ONLY one that works is doing it with the flat file export and then import. The only pain with that is, that it needs to overwrite everything and that takes time to recreate the dials, just as you would with a new installation.

But for me, that is still less time and less frustrating than spending hours to try to rearrange the order of my groups. I have too many to deal with.

Since there will never be a version with Sub-Categories, this is the only workable thing I found when you have more than 100 Groups