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HELP buttons, please...especially on Sync.

cvh 3 years ago updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 17

HELP buttons, please...especially on Sync. I always get sync wrong between my devices and lose dials and even tabs and no way to find out. simp,e instructions on Sync page don't make sense to me.

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1) Do you use Merge button?

2) What browsers do you use for sync?

I use Firefox on an Android Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet to sync up with my main PC.

But my tablet isn't showing Sync or Merge any more. Just Account and Backups on the blue button that used to be (and still indicates) Sync.

Why can't I just log in on my tablet and get the same tabs and dials in the same places?

I'll take any step-by-step help I can get though!

Please try to press on the logout, then login again.

And I prefer my PC dials and tabs just the way I have them arranged and sorted.

I tried this once (maybe twice) but it just didn't come out right on the tablet. And no Help button anywhere.

I'm not sure I set up the PassCode for my tablet.... but if I did, I can't find it now. I tried using the same one as my PC, but now it doesn't work on those boxes.... tells me "Wrong email". I've tried 2-3 times.

I am logged on here using my @live email address...

Could you login to web-client - everhelper.me/client/ ?

Oh.... cool! I'm in over there. Thank you. Now what?

Hmm, you need to login again to addon version.

But the tabs and dials look more like my tablet.... not my PC.

I must have synced wrong when I tried it. How do I get my PC tabs and dials on my tablet now?

I have to download from Google. I'll be right back.

Do I log on to EverySync on my tablet now with my FVD password (passcode) or with my email password?

I think I have this now. My dials server should be on my PC now, yes? Same login on PC as tablet all around.

I would probably want to Overwrite local data (on my tablet), yes?

Wow, after screwing up so bad before, I'm almost afraid to try it on my own. Please respond...?

You need to use email and password for your account.

OK, got that. Overwrite?

I want whatever will sync my PC dials TO my tablet.

"Overwrite local data"... means I would overwrite the data on the device I'M ON (the tablet) to do the sync... Is that right?

Once I've done this the right way once, I'll understand better.

Thank you for helping me. THIS is why help buttons on the FVD dials settings  would be HELPFUL.... to have all this explained, right there.

"Overwrite local data"... means I would overwrite the data on the device I'M ON (the tablet) to do the sync... Is that right? = Yes.