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Downloading FVD Speed Dial

computer_guru 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 6

Is there anywhere besides the Chrome Web Store to download the FVD Speed Dial Extension?  I had to uninstall it because it kept crashing and now when I try to reinstall it from the Chrome Web Store it won't download.  It gives an error stating "Failed - No File".  I don't have any issues trying to install other extensions, just this one.

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Did you check on new Google Chrome profile for test?

I tried a new Chrome profile and it did not work so I completely uninstalled Chrome and all data and reinstalled Chrome from scratch and with no other extensions installed tried installing FVD Speed Dial and I still get the same error.  I was able to install other extensions later, though.  The only one I seem to have issues with is FVD Speed Dial.  I click add extension and it immediately p[ops up a large box that says download failed; and on the download status bar it says "failed - no file"

Could you send screenshot with problem?

the screenshot is attached.  The second you click "Add Extension" this is what occurs.  The popup shows the download failed, and the download bar (green arrow) shows the attempted download with the error message "Failed - no file".

I tried another computer that has never even had Chrome installed on it.  I installed Chrome and tried to install the extension with the same result.  I have a feeling it is because I have an old computer using an old version of Chrome (49.0.2623.112).  I last installed the extension months ago, and the newer version may not be compatible anymore even though the extensions page says it is.

Ok, we will check it.

If there is somewhere else I can download either the .crx file or unpacked .zip of the latest version, I would be happy to see if it will install.