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sync option missing on Chrome and Firefox

JoseC hace 4 años actualizado hace 4 años 2

This is what I see. This happens eventually, every time, soom after I install the browser extension. I can see the option for a little while to sync my bookmarks, upload, download, etc.; then it randomly disappears. 

I do not auto-sync; I upload bookmarks from my primary browser on my laptop and download on all other browsers on all other computers I use.

I paid for your premium service as the number of bookmarks I use is/was very large. Still, this is beyond a nuisance; this renders your product *** USELESS ***

Please fix, now!

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Please try logout and login again.

Thank you, that worked. Would be great to simply timeout the connection so that it becomes clearer the need to re-login so that the tab works.

Thank you