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Eversync on Fierefox takes too long and some items do not sync. Want to buy product but find it way to unreliable.

esumsea 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 6

I have been using your product for about a year, trying to figure out if I want to pull the trigger and buy it, but it is way too unstable.  I frequently lose bookmarks, bookmarks get duplicated and some items present on the server (as shown on my browser) never sync to another computer even after waiting, at times, way over 10 minutes for your product to sync.  I used XMarks for close to a decade and never had ANY problems other than them going out of business but I don't understand why your product fails so badly in so many respects.  I want to see if there is a problem that can be corrected because, if not, I will have to find another product. I want this to work but so far the performance is far from acceptable. I do have a lot of bookmarks (11949/15000), and my trash was exceeded, so maybe that is the problem.  Like I said, I want this to work. I appreciate any help I can get to resolve this matter.

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Do you sync your dials between Firefox/Firefox or Chrome / Firefox?

About duplicates you can check here - https://nimbusweb.me/s/share/3872564/rd5n866176c9czqv0iun

never sync to another computer even after waiting, - Do you use Upload option?

Between Firefox and Firefox. I have now tried several times to get my main computer to reflect what is on the server and it has been stuck on syncing for hours. This is after restarting firefox and the computer a few times earlier today.  Each time I have to wait 5 minutes for the previous attempt to unlock.  Then when I try to sync, it hangs and never completes.

Never sync to another computer?  Why else would I have a bookmark sync?  That's the whole point.  Am I supposed to remember to upload every time I use another computer. I have many and constantly switch.  Sometimes I am remotely controlling one computer from another and at times have a browser opened on each depending on the task each computer is performing and if I am researching different topics related to that function at the same time. I do remember to hit sync after a while, but I did not have a problem engaging in the same behavior while using xmarks. I would hope I could do the same with eversync.


I restarted and did a download and that finally worked.  So is that the only way to get ever sync to work?  I Have to upload to the server when finishing with one browser session and then download when starting another on a different device?  I would have to find another solution because not only does that require me to remember each time during numerous switches, but also to waste a bit of time because I had to wait 5 mintues for the download to finish. That would be a true deal breaker, wich is unfortunate. This UI was much like the one I was previously using and really do not want to switch to the widget based format others use. 

I have not been syncing through firefox as well, as of yet, though that will be the alternative I will try, so that was not the reason for the duplicates. Eversync created duplicates on these last set of syncs because I moved a folder. The folder that was moved stayed on the computer that had the older version and a new folder was created where it was moved, creating a duplicate.  Additionally, so of the bookmarks later placed on the new folder were not included. It was a mess.


1) Do you enable autosync in the Settings -

2) Did you disable browser sync for bookmarks - https://nimbusweb.me/s/share/3872564/rd5n866176c9czqv0iun ?

I do not have auto sync enabled at this point, because it would cause more problems. I have in the past.

Yes, as I wrote above, I do NOT have firefox bookmark sync enabled. In fact I do not sign in to firefox.