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FVD speed dials disappeared from Chrome

Nikilet2 4 года назад обновлен 4 года назад 2

I had to install a new Network Adapter on my PC. After I did that and restarted, I opened my Chrome Browser and my screen setup was there but all the boxes are empty. I tried going to settings and using my latest saved dials on the server but nothing happened. I'm still sitting with empty boxes, even though when I log into my everhelper account the dials are all showing there. How do I get them back on my browser?

I want to clarify ... I just discovered that the dial information is probably there even though the dial boxes are blank. I know exactly where my amazon.com dial is because I use it so often, so I clicked on it and it took me to my sign-in. So then I tried Walmart's and the same thing. The information is all there but the boxes are all empty.

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Do you see your dials here - everhelper.me/client/

If yes, you need:

1) Reinstall FVD Speed Dial.

2) Open EverSync tab in Speed Dial and press on the Download.

I thank you for your response. Each blank square had all the information in it and would take you to the corresponding site. It just wasn't showing. In playing around, I discovered all I had to do was click on each empty square, select Edit and then select an image. Everything was there but the images were gone.  

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