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Remove the auto refresh of dials

AgentX 4 years ago updated by nimbusweb 4 years ago 5

I have been using FVD Speed Dial for years now and truly love it with one exception. It was designed to constantly poll the sites added to it causing there to be a ton of cookies every time my browser is open. To be blunt there is no legitimate reason for constant polling. Once the speed dial is created it should sit there doing absolutely nothing till clicked by the enduser. Constant polling of the added sites is not only wasting bandwidth but a true invasion of privacy. say I'm inmy banking I do not want other sites cookies on my system while I'm there. This is a feature that need to be fixed. Thanks

That's all to stopping the auto polling, and thus the addition of cookes from those polled sites? 

Most likely yes.

Nope didn't do the trick,

Hmm.  could you record video with problem?