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does not work on brave

Euser 3 years ago updated by ClancyCat 1 year ago 3

Does not appear to do anything to the bookmarks on Brave Browser even thought it is chromium based. Are you guys going to make it work?

Same thing happens to me, the download has no effect.  Stopped working a month or two ago.

Under review


We are working for fix for Brave browser.

It's been two years on this--I've decided to migrate to Brave browser, from Chrome. Have used Everysync; have a Premium account, did my backups, etc. In Brave, I can SEE all my sites, etc. but in the New Tab option, I see none of my Dial groups or Dials. How do I solve this? Have tried everything--import, export; have synched to server backup, etc. but NOTHING seem to work. Please advise.