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FVD speed dials keep disappearing. Is there any way to permanently save my dial thumbnail images?

AbelCain 4 года назад обновлен Constantine Houliaras (Azure D 5 дней назад 22

Hi. For the past couple of days FVD speed dial has been acting weird and I keep losing my dial thumbnails. I opened it up one night and I noticed that all my defaults have vanished. My backup list is also empty. I'm not sure why this is happening. Is this a bug? My Eversync speed dials and bookmarks are still there, but I seem to always have an issue with the thumbnail images. Now it keeps trying to fetch new snapshots. I had over 1200 bookmark thumbnails and it takes a very long time to upload them. Now all that effort went down the drain!

Is there any way to restore the old thumbnails that I originally had before? I don't want FVD to keep fetching new snapshots of all the urls, especially when a lot of my bookmark webpages get deleted, moved, etc and it shows a snapshot of a completely different site. Is there any folder that the images are stored to easily retrieve them?
I've been using this for more than 2 years and it has not given me this much trouble before. Thanks in advance.

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Do you use any cleaners?

No, at least not to my knowledge. I'm not too familiar with what

cleaners are actually. I don't have any other addons installed. I'm

using a new firefox profile though.

Ok, we made some fixes and will try to update soon.

Great, thank you! I don't think I can handle anymore resetting dials and I had it happen at least 6 times today. But so far things have been stable for the past couple of hours. 

Ok it happened again. I checked today and my dials went back to 0. Is there any way I can restore it back without having to fetch new snapshots again?

Why does this keep happening? Could it have something to do with my storage space? My hard-drive had almost 1 to 2gbs left. Does FVD wipe itself out due to temp files? I'm very curious because this is frustrating me. Thank you in advance.


Do you use our sync feature?

Yes I do, but that still means I have to restart fresh.

Did you change Privacy settings of browswer?

I have all my settings at default and they do not clear history.

Do you use Ccleaner (not app)?

No, I don't have that installed on my pc. But maybe some other program has the same effect? I'm not sure but maybe my Norton antivirus?

Maybe, if this app can delete browser data.

I think I've confirmed what is causing this. I'm positive it's the lack of storage space. I tested it out and closed my browser while I had 0 C-drive space left and reopened firefox and noticed it went back to 0 dials again. So it's clearing things itself to save up space. Which is a shame because I often work with low amount of space since this year and my laptop didn't have that much capacity to begin with. Any work around for this?

I think this is a problem in Firefox. The application does not have access to the disk and cannot know how much space is left.

Hmm well I hope I'm understanding you correctly but will this always happen with Firefox? I'm certain it will since I have proof that the dials reset everytime there's no disk space. Is it possible for you to make a patch to fix this?

If the problem is in the disk space, then I'm afraid we will not be able to fix it, since the application does not have enough permissions to it.

So my only hope is to avoid running out of space? Is there a way I can localize all the thumbnails? Does the server keep the images at all? If not I would like to recommend this option as a suggestion to implement in the future!

The server stores pictures that you added yourself. We do not store images that were added from the site (auto-generation preview)

This is still happening. I opened my browser the other day and many dials were missing their images.

Just had mine deleted.  Linux, no cleaners.

Yeah i have exactly the same issue here,one day all of sudden my FVD stopped loading the Preview thumbnails and was Loading endlessly,so i had to remove the extention and re-install it again,and now doesnt keep my adds saved and i must re-download them through the Server again and again!why this happened all of sudden?Plus i'm not using any cleaner for browser Data or any other cleaner.Any help would be appreciated thnx in advance!

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