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First pinned tabs in Firefox reset to FVD Dial.

Agent 86 3 years ago updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 10

I have Firefox 74.0 installed on a Windows 7 operating system. Whenever Firefox starts, the first pinned tab (i.e. leftmost tab) resets to the FVD Dial page. If I catch it, then I can click on the tab and hit back to restore the pinned tab to the saved URL. However, if I don't catch it, close, and restart Firefox, then the first and the second tab are reset. This is a problem because my first solution was to pin a dummy tab in the first position. FVD Speed Dial foiled that solution. Currently, I am going to pinned tab and hitting back. This is not a good long-term solution. I know the culprit is FVD Dial or related to it because when I disable the extension, the problem ceases, though I am not able to view any web pages due to a proxy error, which I believe is also related to FVD Dial. As an related issue, why do I need to have the radio setting in Firefox option that instructs Firefox to use a proxy?

Of interest, the problem does not occur on a Windows 8.1 operating system. Also of interest, if I set the dummy tab to Google, for example, the first two tabs are reset. I can't explain it. I am ready to uninstall FVD Speed Dial and move on.


Under review


We fixed simillar problem and waiting approval from Mozilla team.

Good to know.

Thank you for quick response.


As a temporary fix, I have saved all of my the pinned tabs as dials in a new tab. For example, I now have the following tabs: Popular, Default, and Open Tabs. However, Mozilla Firefox opens each dial within Open Tabs in a new window shortly after starting, though the dial closes automatically thereafter. When it's finished going through the dials in Open Tabs, the original Firefox window remains open, which is the one I started.

I think this behavior is a symptom of the "Auto Update" feature in the Dial - correct?


Nice to know others are having the same problem and Tech Support is aware and working on it. Not nice to know those facts are a month old and the problem still exists.

How about an update for the fix?


We did everything we could for our part and now we are waiting for the upgrade from Mozilla.


Does Nimbus have a status on the Mozilla upgrade?

Also, I noticed another symptom. If you click on a link and the browser is not up and running, then link you wanted to visit does not display - you get FVD Dial instead.


I fixed it.

In FVD settings: Global Options - Main - disable "show speed dial on startup"

Arthur Dent,

Thank you for the fix. However, the fix seems to eliminate FVD Dials. How can we have dials without the issue? So, what is the default screen, if disable show speed dial setting? Do you get FVD Dials when you click on a new tab?


No problems for me with either laptop or desk top using firefox.

You might have some other configuration issue.


I don't know exact date :(