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EverSync can't login to my gmail account to save and backup of my bookmarks and dials!

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I use EverSync about two years almost and it always works well and I didn't any problem with syncing and login, but since a week ago, when I try to login to my account from Chrome browser; by clicking on FVD Synchronization add-on icon on Chrome browser, it doesn't work like before and doesn't login to show my bookmarks, dials settings and tabs for bookmarks and dials. The screenshot is clear what I mean when I try to login to my account.


Masoud 🙂

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Could you open this url - everhelper.me/client/ ?

No, the browser can't open it and show the below error! I live in Iran, does this problem with IP and blocking?

I tried it with https in Chrome and Opera browsers, but nothing has changed and won't open it!

Don't use a proxy, but I have Bitdefender (security software) on my machine. I put the URL on the exclusion section in the security software, but the problem still remains and browser can't open it!

I found out when I turn on and use a VPN software (for me Hotspot Shield) I can log in and back up of my data (dials and bookmarks) is okay like before and okay! but formerly I didn't need to use any VPN software to do this job. It seems at this new situation, for backing up of my data, I should use a VPN to finish this regular task.

Maybe you need to change country in VPN?

I don't know why it happened to my FVD Synchronization task, while I didn't have any problem and didn't need a connection based on VPN to do it.