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local backup bloken.

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I feel something went wrong after the update on December 30.

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Under review


Do you mean Firefox update?

Did you use sync feature? Can you create local backup manually?

I do not use the sync feature.

When a local backup is performed, it is created with 0 records.

I don't usually use speeddial.

When I tried installing it now, a local backup was created without any problems.

Probably an eversync(bookmark) problem.

sorry. I do not want to respond remotely.


function refreshBookmarksRootIds(){

chrome.bookmarks.getChildren("0", function (children) {

// children.length=1

// bookmarks bar only



Therefore, CHROME_TOOLBAR_ID, The value is null.

this.getAllBookmarks # self.isRootFolder(rootGuid) ==true,

all bookmark is skipped.


other machine chrome.

it is No problem.


If one child, can it be a CHROME_TOOLBAR_ID?


Could you check problem on new Chrome profile?

Chromium: 79.0.3945.130(Official Build) (64-bit)

No, i mean new Chrome profile. You need to close Chrome and open this folder - 

C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

Then rename Default to Default1 and open Chrome again.

The results did not change. . .

I decide to customize and use it myself.

Thank you.