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Check removed from 'Enable auto sync' Bookmarks option after update of Firefox

Ty-Rap 4 years ago updated by nimbusweb 4 years ago 9

It looks like the issue is caused by an update of Firefox ( I'm currently on 72.0.1 64bits). I'm not for 100% sure but it looks like it is happening every time after a Firefox upgrade. You will understand the is annoyed that you never know if the auto update process is still active.

Under review


Did you change any Privacy settings?

The pPrivacy settings of Firefox you mean? And if so, are you able to specify the 'critical' privacy settings from this issue perspective so that I can look into the selected options?


The pPrivacy settings of Firefox you mean? - Yes.

Cookies are enabled? Could we try https://anydesk.com ?

Cookies are disabled for Cross-site- and social-mediatrackers but that is more or less the same as Firefox standard so I think to enable cookies isn't possible with Firefox. Any other suggestions?

Do you have same problem in Standard mode?

I will try and let you know when the issue is back or after a couple of weeks when the issue has been solved by switching to the standard privacy settings enabled including the social-mediatrackors.

Actually, I see that the Cross-site-tracking cookies are also part of the Firefox Privacy Standard settings. Anyway, we will see.


I found the issue so this question can be closed :)

Once in a while I use CCleaner including the removal of Cookies. During this removal a special cookie for the EverySync Firefox add-on and this 'Enable Auto Sync' Bookmarks setting is removed. The cookie in my situation is (now) called: 5747291e-f0c1-45d6-ac6c-e377be7fe101

I have added this cookie to the section that will be ignored by CCleaner during the removal action.