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Can we have colors on the different groups please?

Eagleizer 4 years ago updated by nimbusweb 4 years ago 1

(And option to move and remove "popular" group) 

I have a "Main" group with all the important stuff like mail, bank aso. 

I would really like to have a color on it. 

When I work on new projects where I add a lot of web pages to SD, I place the group at the top. 

I can have many groups I'm working on, and because of that, my "MAIN" group is pushed right 

and cannot be found quickly. 

It would really help if I could add a color to it, and to the different groups. That way I can also group

groups by letting same subject have same color. 


If I want to start making cars. I would have a group for where find stuff, tips, aso. 


Car - Dealers

Car - Body Parts

Car - Engine Parts 

Car - Properties 

Giving these the same color would make then a lot easier to work with. 

I prefer color option in the main page, but it would be fantastic if we could 

also have it in the "Add menu"-rollout (when adding pages)

Thanks for the most useful app for Chrome!

Cheers :)

Under review


Yes, we have this feature in to-do