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Restore functionality to organize dials on whole page

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Not so long time ago I was able to organize my dials on whole page by putting some of them eg on the bottom left corner. Also it was possible to define how many rows page should have.Nowadays I can just change order of defined dials.

For me it is big step back and miss that very much. 

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We didn't change it. Do you use Chrome or Firefox?

Thank you for an answer but in both is the same. Mainly I had used and still im using firefox, but Ive just installed this addon in Chrome and there is the same behaviour.

For example in a group you have 2 dials: one aliexpress, second ebay. Third one is empty one with plus. Now I want to drag ebay dial to bottom right corner, but I cant now. In both browsers I can only drag dial on a place of other defined dial.

Before change plus (empty) dials were visible on a whole page, and I could put dial on any of them.

Im visual learner, and it helped me a lot in a better organizaition of dials within a group. Maybe it could be an option to turn this ability on?

The same bahaviour of this addon is on different three computers, so dont think that its just my local problem.


Did you use FVD Speed Dial too?

Yes, I think that I have had an affair with GroupSpeedDial.

Through years Ive been using FVD, but after some reinstalation I had a problem with installing FVD so had to find sth else.

After another computer change Ive installed fvd because i used to it. Completly forgot about Group SD.

Sorry for the confusion.

But my question is still actual, is it possible to add (not restore) such possibility?

I would be a great fan of that.



Yes, but some later.