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Speed dial icon appears on task bar and stops typing in online forms. Could this be stopped from interferring?

reese fa 5 anys updated by nimbusweb fa 5 anys 3

eEach time the icon pops up on the windows task bar the cursor disappears and all interaction on the web page stops until either it goes off, is manually turned off, or the mouse is clicked on the page and it will only give the ability to type for a few seconds until the icon reappears. Can thei be stopped from interfering with the interaction between keyboard and web page without turning off Speed Dial?

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We fixed bug. Please try to update or reinstall FVD Speed Dial

I still have the same problem despite that I did  a new install.

This is definitely a bug. I cleared also the cache etc. etc. Loaded mozilla in safe mode without any addons.

Then made  only one addon active at one time. Closed the browser, and opened a new window, then enabled the next addon - and so on, same procedure. Because I needed to isolate which addon causes this problem, which is major.

And it is definitely the FVD addon. THe problem immediately returned as soon as I enabled FVD.

The above post was 4 days ago, and you said that it is fixed.

But it is not fixed. Typing still nearly impossible after a new install.even.