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Options are not shown though I'm logged in

OmalleyTEC 3 years ago updated by vee winch 3 years ago 6

I can login to my account but the options are not shown anyway (pic 1).

Furthermore I cannot start sync mannually and it looks like I am not logged

in. But I am. My account is online (pic 2).

Image 2228

Image 2227
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Do you see tabs if you press on the F5? Please tell me version of Firefox.

Tabs of Eversync (e.g. Bookmarks) are shown for less than a second when pressing F5.
Firefox is 70.0.1 (64-Bit)

Please try to logout and login again for test.

Seems to work. I didn't check this simple solution myself. I had to to do it. But now I will keep it in mind. Thank you for your very quick help.
Another question if I'm allowed. Mostly it needs up to an hour to show the stats of my local bookmarks (about 10.000). Sometimes it's shown after some minutes. The stats of my online bookmarks are mostly shown after seconds. Is this normal behaviour?

No, we will check this moment.

Logout and login fixed for me.