my dials are taking FAR too long to load

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my dials are taking FAR too long to load (literally days) and are using my RAM and preventing me from operating other programs well!! HELP!



Please tell me version of Firefox. Do you have many dials?

I'm using FF 70.0.1 (64-bit) and opening a tab for FVD Speeddial almost always causes FF to through up the message that a script on this page is causing FF to slow down, what do you want do, wait or kill it. Sometimes it's 10/15 seconds, other times a minute or more, before FVD responds. It's incredibly annoying.


Maybe problem with Firefox profile? Could you try new profile - http://kb.mozillazine.org/Creating_a_new_Firefox_profile_on_Windows

Thanks for the reply. I did make a new account as specified in the instructions, and have FF updated to 71.0 (64bit) and am still having the same problem as mentioned in the original post. Note, there are no add-ons or extensions in the new profile other than FVD Speeddial.

Did you try to use standard mode instead 3D?

I don't use the 3d mode, I don't understand the purpose of it, it's not 3d, it's simply curved tiles, bfd, why bother?

Ok, strange. Do you have many dials?

Many? How many is many? I have something like 40 in the default group and half that in the other groups. So, I don't think that qualifies as many. Even still, when I open a new tab and FVD is supposed to load as the home page it take 15-20 seconds and sometimes longer. At this point it is disabled and I'm using the default FF home page.