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Unlimited everything

JayMCee 3 years ago updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 1

In this day and age of endless websites we (I at least) would appreciate that all limits be removed.  Unlimited categories, Unlimited dials.  Further I'd love to see a tree heirarchy for categories along with unlimited nested subcategories rather than just tabbed categrories at the top.

Thing is we live in a day of unlimited storage capacity and it would be nice to be able to use speed dial as my bookmarking tool (notes would be nice as well).  Instead of having to use a separate extension for tabs, bookmarks, website capture, notes etc., it would be nice to have all the functionality in one tool.  I'm tired of trying dozens of different extensions and finding no AIO extension.  I use Nimbus Clipper too but it is not really a good speed dial at the same time it is nice to store information and screen clips and webpage capture (except the rendering of captured pages is useless on many sites because the CSS formatting is lost.  If Nimbus Notes could import a pdf as a note that would provide an answer as well as making Nimbus Notes more useful as an overall information management tool.  

As is I use a hodgepodge group of utilities to try to make it all manageable and useful but it ends up being too much hassle to keep up with.  So I save content (webpages) to pdf and then just arrange them in a tree structure on my SSD/HDD but this makes a poor substitute for a bookmarking tool and it makes a very poor substitute for a speed dial as the pdfs aren't really visible thumbnails and don't open a website but rather open the pdf.  There is a need.  Nimbus Notes comes close but the loss of formatting on saved webpages is a major shortcoming.  If it could do that and allow thumbnails to be used as speed dials it would be very close to ideal.

As efficiency experts tell  everyone... handle a piece of information once, the lack of a comprehensive tool makes this imposssible.  OneNote is the closest actual "do it all" tool but that only relates to the desktop version and it fails in rendering websites accurately and can't save a pdf natively (there are very few apps that do).

It has been a years long search... trying an endless array of software... and continually looking at new products and it is amazing that there seems to be no real solution.

Under review


We will add import from PDF very soon. Also, you can add PDF to the note and read it without leaving the notes.