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100% certain of password and login

tommaso santojanni 5 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 5


I cannot login. I am 100% certain of login and password. I continue to receive this error.

Image 2150

Please, can someone walk me through as I already recovered password twice?

Thank you in advance for sharing your time/expertise.

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Did you change any privacy settings of Firefox?


Yes, but way, way back and, after I changed them, erything was ok.

Now that I posted this question, Nimbus asked me, AGAIN, to create or reset my password (which I didn't do)!

Nimbus is experiencing some serious problems and bugs...


Can we try https://anydesk.com/en ? Most likely problem in some privacy settings.

Yes, but I'm in Italy. What time do you suggest?

Please write to team@nimbusweb.co