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I can't log in on firefox

Donald Duck 4 years ago updated by PeterP 3 years ago 12

I try logging in on firefox but it keeps saying "An error occured, please go back to the login form".

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Do you see problem now?

I am having the exact same problem with Firefox on my Mac.  I can login to my web account, but the firefox extention keeps giving an error when trying to login with the same credentials.  I also recently tried the iPad IOS app and can't login there either.


Do you change any Privacy Settings of Firefox?

No, I haven't touched any settings, all I have done is kept Firefox up to date. I have an iMac and a Macbook, the Macbook's Firefox never got logged out of Eversync and syncs just fine, but the iMac for some reason did get logged out and now the Eversync extension always give an error when trying to log back in.

Can you try to create new Firefox profile for test?

I created a test profile and added the eversync extension and I was able to login. How do I fix my profile, or am I stuck and have to use a new profile and re-installing all my extensions?

Most likely problem with cookies settings/ Do you use Spybot or similar apps?

I use Ghostery and Privacy Badger, but use them in all my browsers on all my PCs and Macs. This particular Firefox installation used to work fine until for no reason I ended up logged out of the EverSync extension.

Sure, tomorrow, October 16, any specific time (I am in California)?

Can we try now?

Sorry, I am not around to access my Mac today. How about this weekend? Tomorrow (Saturday) any time after 9:00 AM Pacific time?  Please indicate the time before hand please.