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First groups tab is not fully clickable - only bottom edge is working with mouseover

a rob young hace 5 años actualizado hace 4 años 7

When trying to click on the first groups tab, only the bottom edge works. Area where the group name is set is inoperable i.e. it does not zoom out or can be clicked on. You must move the mouse to the bottom edge to click on the tab. It only happens with the first tab on the left in whatever tab is set.

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Can you send screenshot with problem?

I can't take a screenshot of a nonwebpage. Indi has shown the problem. A screenshot will NOT show the problem by itself. As I said, no matter what tab you set, the first (on the left) tab becomes the faulty tab. If I add the "Popular" tab, that one then becomes the faulty inoperable tab because it adds itself to the leftmost position. Indi has shown the area that can only be clicked on (the bottom edge) of the first tab.

try this

FVD settings

fonts options


change size to 14,make sure bolder is unticked.

Doesn't fully open up but is much better,at least for me



seems to only work when the FVD settings tab is dropped/open

Ok, we have this bug in our bug tracker.

73.2.7 has not fixed this issue BUT.........

I went into fonts options/groups and changed size to 14px up from default 12px

The clickable area is now much larger and close to normal.

Changing to font size only masks the problem (slightly) but it does have something to do with the "text box" on the first tab having faulty programming making that box unclickable.