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Duplicated bookmarks/folders in Chrome - Google sync bookmarks off

ade_m2 5 year бұрын updated by nimbusweb 4 year бұрын 3


I see multiple reports in here of duplicate bookmarks forming. Nothing too recent though.

I've reduced my browser usage to just two PCs, both using chrome, both with google sync bookmarks disabled.

I clean up the dupes, sync both PCs and it all looks good.  24 hours laters, multiple dupes are back again.

Any logs I can look at to explain why it thinks it needs to do this ?

Under review


Did you disable Google sync on both PC?

Same problem. I try to avoid synchronisations, but with 5 computers at home, plus work, with favorites on chrome, firefox, on windows and linux... not so easy to be sure there is no synchronizations from Chrome or other navigator. But it should not be a problem. It is possible to add verification to avoid double (automatic delete if url is the same after synchronization, or asking before delete). Is it possible ?


Did you disable Google sync for bookmarks?