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FVD crashed and wont restore the previous pages / settings (chrome)

AFD 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 8


I have been using Speed Dial FVD for a long time and loving the extension.

Today suddenly the app closed and couldn't bring it back. 

I went to the extension and saw the application has been turned off. When I turn on the application it will start as fresh installed, a message will pop on the right top saying it can restore the old settings if I want but it when i choose it the application turns off again.

Any advice?

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Did you use sync feature?

No unfortunately I did not use that.

Did you see corrupt message?

This is the screen that I get when the extension is enabled. After choosing the "restore settings" the extension disables itself (crashes) and gives me a new tab in chrome.

It is actually problem from Chrome and isn't our fault.

Many other apps have this problem too -



We are waitig fixes from Chrome.You can use sync feature for restore.

Ouch thats bad. Ok so I have made a backup of the extension from AppData.

So is there any way that I can reinstall the extension and use the backup files to restore only the bookmarks/links? I need to access to the links I have saved.

Sure, please give me an email to send you the code.