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Eversync prevents bookmark folder editing and/or sorting within Firefox

newmar1215 5 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 5

Eversync prevents bookmark folder editing and sorting.  It's like the add-in freezes the bookmark library completely.  No edits allowed.  Bookmark folder editing and sorting work correctly within Chrome...

Under review


While sync? What error do you see?

No, not while syncing.  It's permanently not allowing any edits/changes to my bookmark Library in Firefox.  I have to disable the Add-On, restart Firefox.  Then make any edits, changes, with the Add-On disabled, Then re-enable the Add-On and restart Firefox.  Eversync should not be completely locking me out of my bookmarks like this.  

Please try to disable autosync in EverSync for test

I already have and this does not work.  Where are the log files for this EverSync add-On?  Firefox never finishes syncing.