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Custom titles & Preview & Startup

floridante 4 years ago updated by nimbusweb 4 years ago 3

Three rather annoying bugs:

1) Custom titles of dials change back to automatic titles after each and every start

2) Previews are based on mobile versions of websites which is totally unwanted when SpeedDial is used on a desktop computer

3) "Show Speed Dial on startup" does not work in Firefox!

Under review


1) Can you send more details? Do you use any cleaners?

2) Hmm. how did you use FVD Speed Dial on mobile device?

3) Did you change startup settings?

No, I don't use any cleaners. Whenever a dial is refreshing, the custom title previously assigned to it reverses to whatever the website in question automatically generates.

I don't use FVD Speed Dial on a mobile device. The dials show images of the websites' mobile versions instead of their desktop versions - which is sort of distracting, since the mobile versions often have a rather different appearance.


Sorry for delay. I didn't see your message. Can you send example of sites with problem?