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White screen in Firefox

fraterphoenix 4 years ago updated by Cyfrowy Baron 4 years ago 3

When I enter text in the location bar/URL bar, I get a new window with a search query.  When this happens the FVD page god white. I can refresh the page and get it back, but this is a bit aggravating. It would be nice to have this bug fixed.  BTW, sometimes clicking on the dials, the same thing can happen.  All this is under the Firefox browser.  Thanks.

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Can you record video with problem? I can't repeat (

Sorry for the late reply.  I just confirmed my email address and did not see the notice to do it.  Something to add to your forum for an answer to this.  Because of an extension, I think is "New Tab from Location Bar," I can type a search query and have it open in a new tab.  When I do this, the FVD Dial page goes blank.  I send two photos (above).  Earlier today, I tried the ALT + Enter key to do the same.  That time, the FVD Dial page did not go blank.  Unless you can work in a subroutine code to keep the FVD Dial page from going blank, this may be the only solution.  Why this extension does this, I have no clue.  Again, sorry for the late reply.  If you have any further questions, please let me know.  I will directly go to this web page to check on you in a few days.  

I have the same problem with Firefox. But not every time.