I have to re-alphabetize my groups every time I have to restore and it is a pain in the ass. Why aren't you backing them up in the order I have them. You keep them in a mess. this up also.

cywwrn 4 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 4 years ago 1

Back up the order of the groups instead of leaving them in a mess. I have alphabetized mine and every time I restore my dials the groups come out in a jumbled mess.

If you can back up my customization and dials then you can easily program out groups to back up in the order we have them.

What is the use of restoring if the groups are in a mess !!

It would be nice to have groups within groups and I know I am not the first to ask for this. Many have asked for this for years and you have ignored us.

Are you takluin about dials or bookmarks?