Auto-update flicker across entire screen + keyboard/mouse input/focus stealing on Chrome +MacOS Sierra

charles malo 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

Auto-update preview feature on Chrome +MacOS +multiple screens makes a flickering/floating browser thumbnail FLY from your dock to your open Speed Dial window WHILE TAKING Input focus even if you are working outside of the browser (for example, interrupting my coding in Sublime 3)!
Very distracting, annoying, and makes you lose keyboard/mouse focus!

Basically if you set your auto update to every 1 minute on MacOS + Chrome (especially if you have multiple screens with your dock on the left screen and your speed dial on right screen) you can CLEARLY see a floating thumbnail flickering and SWOOSHING by from the dock till the speed dial, while stealing keyboard and mouse focus/input, and giving you epilepsy if not for it's slow rate.