Restore from server backup is NOT working. I does nothing after I select the server backup.

mediapuck Michele 5 years ago 0

Selecting the server backup in Speed dials: all it does is asking if I am sure after I confirm - simply zero happens.

I have been trying this now for several days, to no avail. Nothing changes.

Except that I do NOT have the last server backup restored - but certainly have the regular bookmarks TRIPLE now to the tune of over 180 thousand. It will take me forever to filter through those.

I do NOT WANT FVD' handling my bookmarks, just because  I use FVDSpeed Dials.

Why has this become so complicated? It used to be that I simply saved a sd file and was able to actually use that file then to overwrite.

Now, all I can do is save it as sd file but no way of importing it from a server backup.

I want to overwrite the local from the last server backup. Not rocket science. Versus wasting hours, days and still I have accomplished nothing :(