Request: To Change the Current Pending Status From "UNDER REVIEW" to "RESOLVED" when Completed.

Ponderosa 5 лет назад обновлен 5 лет назад 0

Hi Nimbus,

Request to Change the Current Pending Status From "UNDER REVIEW" to "RESOLVED" when and if Completed.

When reviewing individual topic entries, there are many of them that are "Under Review" which is fine.  But I have run across many entries that are up to 5 years old and unless they have been ignored altogether, it would be appropriate to change the status to "COMPLETED" or some additional Status altogether.

Granted some of the entries are still under review, but after some amount time, the status needs to be changed to let the Forum users know now what is happening with each of these individual topics.

If a topic entry is Not Plausible, then please state so in the status field for any individual topic entry accordingly.  I do understand that ALL requests and Ideas cannot always be implemented, so a status update would be a welcome addition to the Forum.

Thank you,


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