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Keywords are stripped from Firefox. I use this feature quite a bit.  Needs to be fixed.   I saw a report on this from 5 years ago on the Android forum.   I have a whole section of searches set up for searches from everything from UPS to Google to Facebook.   Chrome implements this a little bit differently so they don't need to be sent to chrome browsers however they should be sync'ed from one Firefox to another.


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Can you send more details? What do you mean?


Firefox has four editable fields in the Library Manager [ctrl-shift-b].  They are Name, Location, Tags, Keyword.  The keyword field is used to setup either quick searches or quick access to a website.  I use mine for quick searches.  I have 30 of them.

Here is an example of one of them for Amazon:

Name: Amazon Quick Search

Location: https://smile.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=%s


Keyword: amazon

In the url bar on Firefox all I have to type is "amazon ddr3 memory" (without the quote marks) and Amazon will do a search and bring up the page automatically without me having to go to that the Amazon page as the %s is replaced with what every I type after the keyword of amazon.  The bookmark can be anywhere. On the Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Menu, Other Bookmarks, or Unsorted (which none of my installs have as starting with version of 48 the name was changed to Other and VFD does sync these to both Firefox and Chrome.)  Some of my Bookmarks I have had for 20 years as they carried over from the beginning of the web when search engines like AOL weren't very good.  I discovered this feature about 12 years ago when Lifehackers.com published an article on it.

After sync happens the field of Keyword is stripped from the bookmarks.  So if I go to the Library Manager, the Keyword on all of them are missing.

Chrome has a different way of handling these type of Quick Searches.  Chrome does it through the Search Engines menu. You can add custom searches by going Settings->Manage Search Engines  -- doesn't happen through the Bookmark manager however it does sync through all computers if you have enabled Chrome sync.

Here is the Library manager:

I wish that the favicon would sync but it isn't a priority.  This is the best bookmark sync'er that I have found sync xmarks shut down.



I just had everything in the Bookmarks Menu and Other Bookmark Menu triplicate, Only edited from one computer.  I installed the extension on my Mac using Firefox.

Also only two fields are sync'ing -- Name and Location fields are the only two that are making it across to another computer.  If I make a change on another computer like add keyword and tag they are not there. The stated of field isn't being maintained.   Between the 5 computers.



I was looking at the EverHelper Account page where you can edit stuff in the cloud.  I edited a bookmark. Of the three fields available only two of the are relevant to actual fields in Firefox and Chrome -- they are Title and URL.  Not sure what version of Chrome dropped the Comments field and Firefox dropped it around version 58.  We are now at version 67.0.

I mentioned before that Firefox has 4 editable fields.  I didn't mention that Chrome now only has 2 fields.

I came up with a workaround for the issue that stopped the keyword form being deleted at will. Two of the computers are desktop setting side by side.  I edit the Keyword field on both plus my laptop to create a sync conflict and now all 30 of them seem to keep the Keyword in place.


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Thank you. We will check this moments.